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Upon completion of the employment application, please deliver in person to Jake’s Pizza Winneconne at 115 W. Main St. Winneconne, WI.  Thank you.



Posted 10-5-2015

Pizza Delivery Driver:

It’s the pizza delivery driver’s job to safely deliver hot, freshly made pizzas to customer’s homes in a courteous and friendly manner.  The driver represents the company and should do so in a positive and professional way.

Drivers will be neatly groomed.  Blue jeans or dark slacks without holes or tears can be worn, along with a company shirt.  Tennis shoes or boots, along with socks are acceptable.  Sandals are not allowed.  Hemmed shorts can be worn when weather permits.

Drivers will help make pizzas, portion frozen food and any other duties needed inside.

Drivers will help clean the shop at the end of the night.  This includes: cleaning windows, restrooms, kitchen equipment and vacuuming.

Drivers will be responsible for matching cash and receipts for pizzas delivered.

Drivers must possess the following for employment:
Valid Driver’s License
Proof of Insurance

Drivers must pass a drug-screening test prior to employment.  Random drug testing will be done.  Drivers who have a serious accident involving another vehicle or pedestrian while working, the driver will be required to submit a sample for drug testing.  The manager will take the driver involved in the accident to a facility for drug screening.  Should the driver accidentally damage a mailbox, post, shrubbery or any other property not belonging to the driver, the driver should notify the owner if possible and notify the manager.

The following steps will be taken in the event of a serious accident:
1. Check for injuries to self or others involved in the accident.
2. Call the store manager.
3. Call the police.
4. Drug Screening at a testing facility.

Thank you for your employment interest at Jake’s Pizza LLC.