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It all began at a neighborhood get-together on a cool summer evening. The marshmallows had run out and we were all still quite hungry. The campfire was so enjoyable that no one wanted to leave to go get food. One of our neighbors wistfully said, “You know what would be really nice right now? Pizza Delivery!”

Everyone agreed that someone should open up a pizza delivery service. That comment stuck with us for years.

Eventually, through a series of events including corporate downsizing and leveraged buyouts, we found ourselves looking for new endeavors.  That comment about pizza delivery came to mind!  We then formed our own company and developed Jake’s Pizza.

Why the name, “Jake’s?”  Combining our names, it’s short for, “Jeff and Kay Enterprises.” We’re a locally owned Mom (Kay) and Pop (Jeff) shop committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices. Our service is fast and friendly located in a small town, family-oriented atmosphere.

Since our humble beginning in April of 2004, we have remodeled our Winneconne location to include seating.  We have also expanded our delivery area by opening a second location (for delivery and pick-up only) in Omro.

We’ve also expanded our menu over the years to include deep-fried appetizers, chicken, fish and shrimp dinners. We’ve created lots of new specialty pizzas with alternatives to our traditional pizza sauce base and added a new line-up of oven baked sandwiches.

Stop by or call Jeff in Omro and Kay in Winneconne!


4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Your Fish dinner, tarter and wedges were great also the Pizza. Hawaii pizza thanks for bring it, Jim and Sherry Bassett Winneconne


  2. We LOVE your delivery in Town of Winneconne (near Butte Des Morts)!
    Consistently fast and always delicious. We have tried most everything on your menu and have yet to be disappointed.


  3. My husband and I ate here for the first time and it was delicious! We enjoyed the pizza, cheesy garlic bread and the service! Highly recommend.


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